Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Message Takers started in 1997 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Q. Do you meet your clients to discuss matters?

A. Yes occasionally, but we are in the business of communications, Most of our clients are too busy too meet with us, so are good at communicating mainly by phone, email, sms & fax. We have clients, all over the world. Location makes no difference whatsoever in our business.

Q. What is the difference between Message Takers & those much hated call centres?

A. Message Takers is not a call centre, we use the best of call centre technology & that’s where the similarity ends. We deliberately put a great deal of emphasis on being different we provide a personal tailored service to suit you. We are not the call centres we all love to hate. Why not discover for yourself by taking advantage of our “Free use of our services for 1 month” offer, we know you will be impressed! – The simple one word answer to this question is: “professionalism”

Q. What do I need to do take advantage of your “Free Month” offer?

A. Just phone us on 01858 439000 and we will do everything for you.

Q. Will I need to set up a special system to divert my calls to you?

A. The answer is probably but not necessarily.  All you need is call divert on your phone system, but if we can help give us a call on 01858 439000

Q. How Do I get my Messages?

A. Simple, you specify how you wish to receive them text, or email either immediately or at certain times of the day or a mixture of both.

Q. I don’t know a lot about phone systems or how BT & other telecoms networks operate, can you advise me?

A. Certainly, no problem, all advice given is independent we do not promote any other company

Q. I have a 0800 / 0845 / 0870 Number can it be diverted?

A. Yes it can be diverted from your phone or phone system, or it can be what is referred to as ported (parked) directly onto your unique divert number

Q. Can I sign up on line?

A. Of course it’s theoretically possible, but not advisable, that’s why we don’t do it. We really need to speak to you in depth about your business & your requirements. The more information we have the better job we will be able to do for you. So we need to understand your business & exactly what you want to achieve by using Message Takers. When setting up a new account we usually offer advise and often have a constructive input. We intend to build a long-term partnership so you will consider Message Takers as an extension of your own office.

Q. How long will I be tied into a contract with you for?

A. Our contract is a rolling month with 1month notice to terminate. If we are good enough, you will stay with us. We don’t believe in tedious contract arrangements.

Q. How long will it take to set up an account?

A. Quickly about 20 minutes, but we do need to spend sometime talking to you and learning about your business.