We assist your business by answering your incoming telephone calls, all of the time, or just some of the time to suit changing working patterns, or as an overflow so your phone is never engaged. In addition we offer a wide variety of office-based services to assist you & help you to work as efficiently as possible

The professional Virtual Assistants answering your calls are reliable, experienced and highly competent professionals, licensed to think for themselves, and trained to be flexible & resourceful and always to act in your best interests

We offer a high service & good value solution that allows you to maximize your potential by using our services

Core Services

A small team of Virtual Assistants (no more than five) will be dedicated to your account and trained on all aspects of your requirements. Your incoming calls will always be dealt with in a cheerful professional manner by the same people. So you’re dedicated Virtual Assistants will soon get to know you, your business, your associates and your frequent callers very well indeed.

When your calls are answered by Message Takers, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will: –

Instantly have all your company information to hand on the screen

Give Your business a truly professional 1st impression by answering all your calls in the way you wish.

Help your callers in any possible way, answering questions passing on information, taking information, taking orders and then passing through to you, whichever way you require. But most importantly letting your caller know that their call is important to You.

Show what a professional company you are by never missing that important business call, you will never have your phone engaged and always have the Virtual Assistant working for you as you require.

Ensure that all telephone contact with your company, is dealt with efficiently professionally handled

All your messages will either be emailed or text to you as they come in, or batch emailed to you at your specified times during the day.  This can be to multiple destinations.
We will forward calls through either to a particular landline or a mobile world- wide

Send an end of day report by email or fax, this includes all messages taken and what has happened to them

 Many Back office Tasks including

  1.  Fax receive and forward either by fax or email
  2.  Advertising Response
  3. Take Bookings and appointments
  4. Keep Diaries
  5. Make Outgoing calls for You
  6. Send out Brochures
  7. Take your specified action following particular types of call

We will always act in the best interests of your Company, exactly the same as a member of staff directly employed by your company.

This ensures that your existing customers and prospective new customers know they are ringing a winning team who want to do business with them.

 “Your success is the key to our success”